Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And We're Live . . .

This is it, the beginning of something we hope you'll find terrific.  At the moment, though, it's just a bit daunting.  All this high-tech, social media stuff . . . who knew it would catch on?

At any rate, you can tell your friends that you were here when Workplace Update began!  We don't have any commemorative souvenirs, but what we do hope to give you is a long-running blog that provides real value to employers.  (That's who we typically represent.)  Obviously, how well we do will depend an awful lot on you.  We'll keep our eyes and ears open for really relevant items, but if there is a particular development, case, or topic that you want us to cover, let us know.  If you don't like something we're doing, we need to know that, too.

There probably will be some technical glitches in the beginning, so bear with us; with your patience and encouragement, all will be OK.  We may even tinker with the look of the blog until we get it right.  Please tell us if we get it wrong.  If that's the worst that happens, life will be pretty good.

That's it for now.  Take off your party hats and get back to work, but check back with us for labor and employment info that you can use in managing your workplace.  Thanks for your interest and feedback!

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